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A Letter from the Executive Director

Hi my name is Eva Salazar I’m the CEO and co-founder of Hearts of Lala’s Rainbow also known as H.O.L.R. and welcome to our web page. One of the first questions I receive is where the name Hearts of Lalas Rainbow came from and what does it mean?  Well when growing up my grandmother’s nickname was Lala.  She was very involved in helping her community and I believe this is where I get my passion for helping people. My husband’s nickname for me is Rainbow he says that I see the possibilities on the other side of the rainbow.  So we combined the two names the heart that we both share in helping others. It all started 15 years ago when my husband asked me to help with a Thanksgiving day Project in Ontario, CA putting together Thanksgiving dinner boxes that would be given to families in the inland

empire for Thanksgiving.I enjoyed that day so much seeing all the families’ faces that received the boxes.  So I started working with a local food bank Inland Valley Hope Partners, where my husband and I ran their Thanksgiving Project for 10 years. During this time I witness the Economic down fall that hit Ontario hard more and more people were being laid off work, both blue collar and professionals starting coming to the food bank.  The common thread between both parties was that they all wanted to get back to work. So at that time as a board member of the Inland Valley Hope Partners I approached them with the possibility of starting a job retraining and job finding projects. But because they are a food bank 5013C they would not be able to receive a grant for this type of project. So my husband and I decided to start Heart of Lala’s Rainbow.  Along with Business in the Ontario Area we have been able to retrain and place 125 people in the 3 years since we have started HOLR. We continue the Thanksgiving Day Project now through HOLR and have feed an average 500 families each year complete Thanksgiving Dinners. We are currently starting a Senior Move Project to help seniors with a sliding scale making if affordable to to move with reliable caring project managers, movers, designers, and real estate brokers, all individual that care as much as we do for our Seniors. HOLR has a complete year of fundraising events going on to provide the financial need of our projects. We are always looking for Volunteers and individuals who like to have fun and at the same time give back to their community.

I have truly found my passion and I hope you find yours.

Thank you

Eva Salazar CEO and Founder

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